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Jim Odom

Jim Odom

Jim Odom joined forces with LeRoux in 1981 for the RCA Records release of So Fired Up. Born July 14th, 1961 in Baton Rouge, LA, Jim began his musical career at an early age. He played in several succesful Rock and Roll bands in the late '70s before accepting a scholarship from Downbeat Magazine to attend the prestigous Berklee College of Music
in Boston.


Following a successful stint in the Boston music scene, Jim returned to Louisiana and formed the popular local band Asia. During recording sessions with that band, Jim became good friends with LeRoux drummer David Peters.


When LeRoux found itself needing to replace the omni-talented Jeff Pollard, David recommended Odom. The So Fired Up sessions were complemented by Jim's intense guitar technique. He also co-wrote three of the ten songs on that album.

While playing, writing, and touring were Jim's passion, he also began producing and engineering music for many bands in Southeast. His engineering efforts produced Gold and Platinum sales awards and work in many studios such as Criteria Studios in Miami, The Village in Los Angeles, and Studio in the Country in Louisiana.


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