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May 28, 2020 - Louisiana's LeRoux announces the release of its seventh studio album, One of Those Days, available on July 24th, 2020 worldwide. Several videos featuring the new music will be released over the next month.


Guitarist, Tony Haselden says, “It’s the best combination of LeRoux's musical palette and represents the abilities of the band better than any album we’ve probably ever done.  It covers a wide spectrum of blues, southern rock, and zydeco.”


One of Those Days was produced and engineered by Jeff Glixman at Esplanade Studios in New Orleans, LA. Jeff infused the band's latest effort with his signature punchy sound, and brilliant musical guidance that can be heard on Kansas, Gary Moore, The Georgia Satellites, and many other classic albums. 

Michael Doherty's Music Blog review: "The album opens with its title track, “One Of Those Days.” The exact moment this song had me was on the line “I put on a pair of jeans and Deadhead T,”...And, like a Dead song, this one has a good jam section, one you can dance to, and with a little nod to CCR on guitar. I seriously dig the percussion on this track. From the moment those drums start, there is no doubt that “Lucy Anna” is one of those great Louisiana songs designed to get us off our asses and dancing around. This is a song that effectively shouts New Orleans to us, and features some lively backing vocals and more delicious work on keys. But it is that groove that really grabs me. This is a ridiculously fun track."

FRP Radio, UK: "Lousiana's Leroux arrived today, thanks, Love the opening track , by the way !! great voice....makes you feel good !!"

A special pre-release purchase option will be available on June 14th on iTunes, Google Play, and  One of the albums tracks can be downloaded with this pre-purchase option on iTunes.


The band will release more information about the album each week online at and on its Facebook page, Louisiana’s LeRoux.  Please visit for press and other information.


Track Listing

1.  One of Those Days 6:08 (Jim Odom - BMI, Tony Haselden - BMI)

2.  No One’s Gonna Love Me (Like The Way You Do) 4:21 (Dustin Ransom - ASCAP)

3.  Lucy Anna 3:40 (Richard Ferreira - BMI, Solomon Paul Marshall - ASCAP)

4.  Don’t Rescue Me 4:34 (Jim Odom - BMI, Tony Haselden - BMI)

5.  After All 4:25 (Randy Sharp - BMI, Donald Anderson - SOCAN)

6.  Nothing Left To Lose 4:46 (Jim Odom - BMI, Tony Haselden - BMI, Jeff McCarty)

7.  The Song Goes On 4:37 (Jim Odom - BMI, Tony Haselden – BMI, Jeff McCarty)

8.  Lifeline (Redux) 6:56 (R. Roddy - BMI, T. Haselden - BMI, L. Medica - BMI, D. Frederiksen - BMI)

9.  Sauce Piquante 3:21 (LeRoux)

10. New Orleans Ladies Featuring Tab Benoit 4:51 (Hoyt Garrick - BMI, Leon Medica - BMI)

Produced by Jeff Glixman

Additional Musicians:

Tab Benoit - Solo Guitar on New Orleans Ladies

Leon Medica - Bass Guitar on Lucy Anna, New Orleans Ladies, and Sauce Piquante

Alexey Marti - Additional Percussion

Tim Courville - Drums on New Orleans Ladies

Background Vocals - Keith Landry, Travis Thibodaux, Chapel Hart, Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin

LeRoux Announces New Album 'One of Those Days'

Out July 24, 2020

Featuring Special Guests!

Tab Benoit

Bobby Kimball of Toto

Bill Champlin of Chicago

& Chapel Hart


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