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Keith Landry

Keith grew up in Scott, Louisiana, the only one of his six siblings who single-mindedly pursued music. He formed his first band in the sixth grade, playing for school talent shows and Christmas parties. After graduating from high school, he played with bands all around Lafayette (including T.K. Hulin & Smoke, Foxx, We The People w/Sonny Landreth), performing in clubs from Baton Rouge to St. Martinville to Lake Charles & Vinton, LA where he met Bobby Kimball, a founding member of the rock group Toto, at a club called the "Texas Pelican." He recalls that the Texas Pelican had a round stage that would rotate with a wall in the middle of it, with 2 bands set up on it. One band would play for an hour, then the stage would rotate and the other band would play for an hour. It was only a 4-hour gig, but the whole thing lasted 8 hours. Bobby was the lead singer in one band and Keith was the lead singer in the other band. They became good friends because they loved each other's singing. Bobby said "One day, we're gonna be in a band together."

After years of playing clubs and Mardi Gras parties around Louisiana, opening for Edgar Winter (one of his biggest idols) and blues greats Bobby "Blue" Bland, B.B. King, and Tyrone Davis, Keith moved to Los Angeles to sing with some of the members of Three Dog Night, a gig he'd learned about from his friend, fellow Louisianan Bobby Kimball. Upon arriving in L.A., Keith went with Bobby to a recording session on Cherie & Marie Currie's album that Bobby was doing with Bill Champlin (of Chicago) and Tom Kelly. The record producer, Jai Winding, was looking for someone to sing a 4th part, and Keith slid in there for his first double-scale session (his first day in L.A.). That's when David Paich (of Toto) showed up at the session and heard Keith, and asked him to join Toto for the "In Search Of The Hydra World Tour" in 1980.


Following the tour, he returned to Tinsel Town and sang on movie soundtracks, including Rocky IV, Summer Rental, Staying Alive, and Ninja III (The Domination), just to name a few. While juggling a busy schedule, he was asked to join a band with Aynsley Dunbar (of Frank Zappa, Journey, Starship, and White Snake) and Frank Marino (of Mahogany Rush) to do songs written by Keith, Scott Shelley, Michael Boddicker, and Mike Porcaro. Unfortunately, the project ended up not getting signed.


A few years later, Keith and his wife, Janna, moved to Nashville and started writing and performing with various songwriters at Music City songwriter nights and singing on other people's albums and with "Bayou Degradable," a band put together byLeon Medica (a founding member of Louisiana's LeRoux) to play Mardi Gras parties around Nashville. They also put together a husband/wife duo group and performed around town, where he eventually met up with Eric Horner (Lee Greenwood's band leader) and was asked to sing with Lee in his road band. Keith performed with Lee from October of '99 - December of '07.


After getting off of the road with Lee, Keith hooked up with Tony Haselden (another member of Louisiana's LeRoux) to play some gigs around town where he was asked to return to his Louisiana roots by joining Louisiana's LeRoux in 2010.

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