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Mark Duthu

Mark Duthu's connections with LeRoux go back to the earliest roots of the group The Levee Band in the early '70s. Keyboardist Rod Roddy and Mark go back both musically and as close friends to their high school days in Houma, LA.


Mark studied drums and percussion formally from the age of eight with drum instructors in Baton Rouge, LA, and also in the music programs of East Baton Rouge Schools until he moved to Houma in 1969. It was the influence of veteran instructorsLee Fortier, Jim Miller, and Billy King who continued to foster his interest in jazz and performing in jazz ensembles, that kept Mark involved in music through college. He then decided to focus his attention on pursuing a degree in marketing from The University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette.


As LeRoux continued to perform, Mark always remained in close contact and accompanied the group on tours when his schedule permitted.


Besides performing with LeRoux, Mark enjoys collecting vintage and custom drums and percussion instruments.


Mark says, "My goal is to assist in keeping the music of LeRoux alive for the fans and for the next generation who enjoy LeRoux, as well. I've been fortunate to have known these great musicians most of my life and I consider it an honor to take the stage with them. They are a very important part of the history of Southern Rock & Roll."

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