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Joey Decker

Joey Decker hails from Baton Rouge, LA where he has played music most of his life. As the new bass player for Louisiana's LeRoux, Joey knew he had some big shoes to fill...that of founding member and longtime bass player for LeRoux Leon Medica. But do not be fooled, Joey handles his bass with just as much talent, vigor, and passion as his hero Leon. There is probably not a band in the Baton Rouge area that Joey has not played
with in his career. It's not only his talent, but he possesses a skill as an engineer
and producer. 


He is the owner of the recording studio Disk Productions, where he also acts as  producer in his hometown of Baton Rouge. Joey was also the creator of a voice-acting instructional package called "The Voice Actor's Toolkit." Such versatile hands in all areas of music lend to his magic on stage. Joey has also been a longtime fan of LeRoux. To be called forth as a member of the group, and to be handed the baton by Leon Medica himself was a dream come true for Joey.


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