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So Fired Up


Leon Medica - Bass, Background Vocals
Tony Haselden - Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
Fergie Frederiksen - Lead and Background Vocals
Jim Odom - Guitars, Background Vocals
Rod Roddy - Keyboards, Background Vocals
David Peters - Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals

David Pack - Background Vocals on "Turning Point" and "Carrie's Gone"


Songs (Written By):

  1. So Fired Up (R. Roddy, J. Odom, F. Frederiksen)

  2. Lifeline (R. Roddy, L. Medica, F. Frederiksen, T. Haselden)

  3. Let Me In (T. Haselden)

  4. Yours Tonight (T. Haselden, R. Roddy)

  5. Line On Love (T. Haselden)

  6. Carrie's Gone (F. Frederiksen, J. Odom, R. Roddy)

  7. Wait One Minute (R. Roddy)

  8. Turning Point (R. Roddy, T. Haselden, F.Frederiksen, J. Odom)

  9. Don't Take It Away (R. Roddy)

  10. Look Out (J. Odom, F. Frederiksen, R. Roddy, T. Haselden)


Producer: Leon Medica
Executive Producer: Dan Loggins
Production Assistant: Marlene Betters

Recorded in 1982 at Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana
Engineer: Warren Dewey
Assistant Engineers: David Farrell, Gene Foster, and Bruce Irvine (L.S.)

Mixed at Capitol Records, Studio C Los Angeles, California
Assistant Engineers: Gene Wooley and David Cole

Mastered at Capitol Records, Los Angeles, California
Engineer: Wally Traugott

Art Direction and Design: Mike Doud
Photo Illustration and Concept: Paul Maxon
Back Cover and Sleeve Photos: Tom Gibson
Model: Miss Dizzy Heights

Management: Budd Carr, The Carr Company
Booking Agency: Monterey Peninsula Artists - Dan Weiner, Fred Bohlander, and Paul Goldman

Krewe of LeRoux:
Live Mixer: Charles Brady, Lighting Designer: Jeff Dennis, Stage Manager and Trucking: Dan Andrews W.G.R., Monitor Mixer: Lane Wootan, Driver: Gates Moore

Special thanks to: Hartley Peavey, Hollis Calvert, Mike O'Neill, and Mike Powers at Peavey Electronics; Dan Loggins, Berry Gross, Bill McGathy, and everyone at RCA; John T. Frankenheimer; Paul Tannen; Les Kaufman; Newton Elberson and Good Hope Printing; Danny Jaureax; Phil Ehart, Dave Austin, and The Music and Tennis Festival; Steve Johnstead

Equipment thanks:
LeRoux uses Peavey Amplification
David Peters uses Pearl Drums and Big Dave's Pro Hickory Sticks
Rod Roddy uses Korg Synthesizers
Tony Haselden uses Peavey and Custom Guitars by Strings and Things of Memphis
Leon Medica uses Peavey Basses and Strings
Jim Odom uses B.C. Rich Guitars

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