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Keep the Fire Burnin'


Jeff Pollard - Electric Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals

Leon Medica - Bass
Rod Roddy - Acoustic Piano, Clavinet, Oberheim Synthesizer, Hammond B3, Background Vocals
David Peters - Drums and Percussion
Bobby Campo - Trumpet and Congas
Tony Haselden - Electric Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals, Percussion

Sax solo on "You Be My Vision" by Brian Savage
Strings on "You Be My Vision" conducted and arranged by Gene Page


Songs (Written By):

  1. Keep The Fire Burnin'(J. Pollard)

  2. Call Home The Heart(T. Haselden)

  3. When I Get Home (J. Pollard)

  4. You Be My Vision (J. Pollard)

  5. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (The Sad Song) (O.  Redding, S. Cropper)

  6. Feel It (R. Roddy, J. Pollard)

  7. Thunder n' Lightnin'(T. Haselden)

  8. Window Eyes (J. Pollard)

  9. Say It (With Your Heart) (J. Pollard)

  10. Back The Levee (J. Pollard)


Bonus Tracks

Rodeo (L. Medica, H. Normand, C. McDonald, J. Pollard) Ain't Nothing But A Gris Gris (J. Pollard) Bon Ton Roulette (J. Pollard)


Produced by Leon Medica

Recorded in 1979 at Studio In The Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana
Engineer: William S. Evans - Assistant Engineers: Ronny Dobbs & David Farrell

Mixed at Air Studios, London, England
Assistant Engineers: Tim Cuthbertson, David Woolley, and Tony George

Additional re-mixing at Capitol Records Studio B, Hollywood, California
Assistant Engineer: David Cole

Mastered at Capitol Records Mastering Facilities, Los Angeles, California
Engineer: Wally Traugott

Album cover by Dawn Patrol
Photography and Design by Jimmy Wachtel;
Assisted by Michael Curtis with the expert hands of Dick Bernot

Management: Aspen Artists Management, Inc., William E. McEuen
Booking Agency: Athena Artists, Chet Hanson

Very special thanks to: John T. Frankenheimer, Paul Tannen, Bill Roberts, William E. McEuen, Chet Hanson, Rupert Perry, and Bruce Garfield

Krewe of LeRoux:
Road Manager: Danny Kertacy, Lighting Designer: Lewis Mundinger, Sound Mixer: Bill Bennett, Monitor Mixer: Geoff Thistlethwaite, Everything: John Ray Gautreaux

Leon Medica uses Peavey Equipment

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