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Bayou Degradable - The Best of LeRoux


Jeff Pollard - Lead and Background Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Leon Medica - Bass, Background Vocals
Rod Roddy - Keyboards, Vocals
Tony Haselden - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Background Vocals,
      Lead Vocal on Track 14
David Peters - Drums and Percussion
Bobby Campo - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute, Congas, Percussion, Background Vocals
Jim Odom - Guitar, Background Vocals
Fergie Frederiksen - Lead Vocals



Songs (Written By):

  1. Take A Ride On A Riverboat (J. Pollard)

  2. I Can't Do One More Two-Step (J. Pollard)

  3. New Orleans Ladies(L. Medica, H. Garrick)

  4. Heavenly Days (J. Pollard)

  5. Back The Levee (J. Pollard)

  6. Feel It (R. Roddy, J. Pollard)

  7. Keep The Fire Burnin'(J. Pollard)

  8. Window Eyes (J. Pollard)

  9. Let Me Be Your Fantasy (J. Pollard)

  10. Get It Right The First Time (R. Roddy, T. Haselden)

  11. Roll Away The Stone(J. Pollard)

  12. Addicted (R. Roddy)

  13. Carrie's Gone (F. Frederiksen, J. Odom, R. Roddy)

  14. Nobody Said It Was Easy (T. Haselden)



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