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Ain't Nothing But A Gris Gris


Leon Medica - Bass
Tony Haselden -Guitar
David Peters - Drums
Rod Roddy -Keyboards
Jim Odom - Guitar
Randy Knaps - Lead Vocals
Boo Pourciau -Drums, Background Vocals
Nelson Blanchard -Keyboards, Background Vocals
Mark Duthu -Percussion

Addition musician:
Steve Brewster -Percussion


Songs (Written By):

  1. Love's Gotta Hold On Me (L. Medica, D. Diefenderfer, F. Wall, K. Rowell, H. Teekel,
    D. Wynn)

  2. My Heaven Can't Wait (J. Odom, N. Blanchard, R. Knapps)

  3. Everything That I Love (L. Medica)

  4. Ain't Nothing But A Gris Gris (J. Pollard)

  5. Slippin' Again (J. Pollard)

  6. French Quarter Moon (T. Haselden)

  7. Closing In On You (L. Medica)

  8. Bayou Lullaby (J. Pollard)

  9. You're Always Right (A. Osborne, L. Anderson, L. Medica)

  10. I'll Be Over You (N. Blanchard)


All songs written or co-written by members of LeRoux


Produced by Leon Medica
Associate Producer: Jim Odom

Recorded during Mardi Gras 1999 at Dockside Studio, Maurice, LA
Engineer: Tony Daigle
Tape Transfers: Mark Engeran

Overdubs and Transfers at Techno Sound Studio, Baton Rouge, LA
Engineer: Nelson Blanchard

Percussion overdubs at RCA Studio B, Nashville, TN
Engineer: Fred Bogert

Mixed and Mastered at Techno Sound Studio, Baton Rouge, LA

Album Design and Layout: Newton Elberson
Cover Photograph: Wish Nails
Band Promotion Photo: Pat Barrow

Leon would like to thank: John Frankenheimer, who from the beginning always kept our legal affairs in order while keeping his heart and soul deep in the music; the band for their time and devotion to this project and for reviving some funky musical spirits from the bayou; Nelson Blanchard for the hours of detection and the uses of Techno Sound Studio; Steve and Wish for being good friends and making me always feel at home while recording at Dockside; Tony Daigle for going above the call in capturing our emotions on tape; Warren Dewey for helping sculpt LeRoux's sound from the start to the present; Newton Elbertson - his designs and graphics have been there since the beginning; Rhonda, Boo, and Chad, thank you for all of your help and friendship.



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