Randy Knaps

Randy Knaps was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1957, and his mom knew that from a very young age he had the special gift of natural musical talent. Randy grew up singing with his mom and dad at parties, and throughout junior high, high school, and college, he played drums in school bands and sang in school choirs.


It wasn't until 1979 that he actually joined a real traveling, paying band. From then on he blossomed rapidly! Working in as many as three bands at a time, and doing tons of studio work including writing - playing and singing countless jingles on the local, regional, and national level - he was approached by Leon Medica, the leader of the then-dormant band LeRoux. They clicked right off the bat and pursued recording deals from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Since then, Randy has done every reunion tour and date with LeRoux, including traveling around the world with the First Airborne Rock & Roll Division, entertaining American soldiers with the likes of The Doobie Brothers, Kansas, Pablo Cruise, Steve Morse, and others. In 1988, Randy received a gold and platinum album for his vocal work on the soundtrack for the movie "Dirty Dancing".


For the last ten years, Randy has owned his own recording studio and business called Media Scope Concept and Production, specializing in automotive advertising and post production. In addition, he has fronted The Issue, a regional dance band based in Baton Rouge. "I stay ready to keep from having to get there," says Randy, and when you see him perform you'll know what he means!

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