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The Session Years


Carl Michaels - Lead Vocal
David Peters - Drums
Leon Medica, Dale Murray - Bass
Tony Haselden, Jeff Pollard, Rex Pearce - Guitars
Rod Roddy, Nelson Blanchard, Dale Murray - Keyboards
Bobby Campo, Mark Duthu - Percussion
Pete Verbois, Ernie Gautreau, Glenn Moreau, Ronnie Goodson, Chris Belleau, Bobby Campo - Horns
Bobby Campo - Chimes
Carrie Davis, Claudette Rogers, Cynthia Woodlief, JJ Johnson, Carl Michaels -Background Vocals
Dale Murray - Cowbell

Pete Verbois - Horn Arrangements
Wardell Quezerque - String Arrangements

Addition musician:
Steve Brewster -Percussion


Songs (Written By)

  1. Cajun Song (M. McDonald)

  2. Double Talk (R. Pearce, T. Duncan)

  3. Reach Out (D. Murray)

  4. I'm Gonna Prove My Love (D. Murray)

  5. Sweet Situation (R. Pearce, D. Murray)

  6. Pure Love (B. Stone)

  7. Eclipsed By Love (R. Pearce)

  8. Ain't No Easy Way(D. Murray)

  9. You Keep Me So Satisfied (R. Pearce, C. Dornier)

  10. You're The Woman In My Eyes (T. Haselden)

  11. I Got A Line On You(R. Wolfe)


Produced by Rex Pearce & Dale Murray

All songs were recorded and mixed at The Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, LA

1981 recording & mixing engineers: David Farrell & Eugene Foster
2010 recording & mixing engineer: Ben Murphrey

All songs were digitally mastered by Parker Dinkins for Master Digital.

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