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Louisiana's LeRoux


Jeff Pollard - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals
Leon Medica-- Bass, Vocals
Rod Roddy - Rhodes Electric and Acoustic Pianos, Clavinet, Oberheim Synthesizer, Vocals
David Peters - Drums and Percussion
Bobby Campo - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute, Congas, Percussion, Vocals
Tony Haselden - Electric Guitars, Vocals


Songs (Written By):

  1. Take A Ride On A Riverboat(J. Pollard)

  2. Love Abductor (J. Pollard, L. Medica)

  3. New Orleans Ladies (L. Medica, H. Garrick)

  4. Crazy In Love (J. Pollard, P. Harrison)

  5. Slow Burn (J. Pollard)

  6. Snake Eyes (J. Pollard)

  7. Backslider (J. Pollard)

  8. Bridge Of Silence (J. Pollard)

  9. Heavenly Days (J. Pollard)

  10. I Can't Do One More Two-Step (J. Pollard)

All arrangements by LeRoux.


Recorded in 1978 at Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Produced by Leon S. Medica
Engineered by Warren Dewey - Assistant Engineers: Brad Aaron and Bill Evans

Mixed At Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, California
Engineer: Warren Dewey - Assistant Engineer: Steve Hodge

Mastered at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, California
Engineer: Hally Traugott

Art Direction: Leon Medica and Dean Torrence
Photography: Norman Seeff
Cut Glass Photograph: Bill Eastabrook
Design and Graphics: Dean Torrence
Calligraphy: Alice McEuen

Management: Aspen Artists Management, Inc., William E. McEuen
Booking Agency: Athena Artists, Chet Hanson

Krewe of LeRoux:
Sound Mixer: Bill "Hollywood" Bennett, Lighting Design: Lewis Mundinger, Road Manager: Danny Kertacy

Very special thanks to: John T. Frankenheimer, Rupert Perry, Paul Tannen

Thanks also to: Hoyt Garrick, Mrs Bateman, Raymond Parker, L D Pollard, Nauman Scott,
Stader Richardson, Danny Kertacy, Richie and Jane Cicero

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