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LeRoux Higher Up


Jeff Pollard - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
Leon Medica - Bass and Background Vocals
Rod Roddy - Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals
David Peters - Drums and Percussion
Bobby Campo - Percussion, Background Vocals
Tony Haselden - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals


Songs (Written By):


  1. It Could Be The Fever (J. Pollard)

  2. I Know Trouble When I See It (R. Roddy, J. Pollard)

  3. Recorded live in 1980 at the Bayou Theater in Washington, D.C.

  4. New Orleans Ladies (L. Medica, H. Garrick)

  5. Get It Right The First Time (T. Haselden, R. Roddy)

  6. Crying Inside (R. Roddy, J. Pollard)

  7. Mystery (R. Roddy)

  8. Roll Away The Stone (J. Pollard)

  9. Slow Burn, Cooking With LeRoux (J. Pollard, LeRoux)

  10. Let Me Be Your Fantasy(J. Pollard)

  11. Back To The Levee (J. Pollard)

  12. Take A Ride On A Riverboat (J. Pollard)

  13. Waiting For Your Love(J. Pollard)



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