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Last Safe Place


Jeff Pollard - 6 and 12 String Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
Rod Roddy - Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals
Bobby Campo - Percussion, Background Vocals
David Peters - Drums, Background Vocals
Tony Haselden - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
Leon Medica - Bass, Background Vocals

Lon Price - Sax on Inspiration and Make Believe
Claudette Rogers - Background Vocals on Inspiration


Songs (Written By):

  1. Addicted (R. Roddy)

  2. It Doesn't Matter (J. Pollard, R. Roddy)

  3. Nobody Said It Was Easy (T. Haselden)

  4. The Last Safe Place On Earth (J. Pollard)

  5. Inspiration (L. Medica, R. Roddy)

  6. You Know How Those Boys Are (T. Haselden)

  7. Midnight Summer Dream (L. Medica)

  8. Rock 'n' Roll Woman(S. Stills)

  9. Long Distance Lover(R. Roddy)

  10. Make Believe (R. Roddy)


Produced by Leon Medica
Executive Producer: Dan Loggins
Production Assistant: Marlene Betters

Recorded in 1981 at Studio In The Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana
Engineer: Warren Dewey
Assistant Engineer: David Farrell

Mixed at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, California
Assistant Engineer: Terry Christian

Mastered at Capitol Studios Los Angeles, California
Engineer: Ken Perry

Photography: David Kennedy
Design and Art Direction: Ron Kellum

Krewe of LeRoux:
Stage Manager and Live Mixer: Charles "Chopper" Brady, Lighting Designer: Pug Sanchez, Driver: Gates Moore

Management - Budd Carr, The Carr Company
Booking Agency: Monterey Peninsula Artists - Dan Weiner, Fred Bohlander, and Paul Goldman

Special thanks to: John T. Frankenheimer; Budd Carr and Marlene Betters; Dan Weiner, Fred Bohlander, and Paul Goldman at Monterey Peninsula; Paul Tannen; Les Kaufman; Hartley Peavey, Hollis Calvert, and Mike O'Neill at Peavey Electronics; Bill McGathy at RCA; Newton Elberson and Good Hope Printing

Equipment thanks:
LeRoux uses Peavey Amplification
Leon Medica and Tony Haselden use Peavey Instruments and Strings
Jeff Pollard uses Dean Markley Strings
Jeff Pollard and Tony Haselden amps modified by Paul Rivera

Thanks to: Bert DellaLuna; Mary Beth Mead; Ken Goodley; M.C. Perry; Dr Gerald Haydel; Carlton and Sharon Jones; David and Jan Brantly; Myra, Lew, and Margaret Pollard; Kim Schrimsher; Paul and Goldie Roddy; Dr. Carmelino Galang and South Louisiana Medical Center; Mark Mouton; Mark Duthu; John Gautreaux; Max Loubiere; Julia and Casey Caroline Haselden; Nancy Peters and the Peters Family; Rodney Stagni; Molly Hanson; T.J. and Leona Mandina and the kids; Owen, Bootsie Brown, and the kids; Mary Medica; Leon Medica, Sr.; Bill Evans; Mike Moore; Butch Naquin; Danny Ferrington; Ronny D'Armond; Nike Noto; Jim Montgomery; John, Stader, and Ed; Eugene Foster and the good folks at Studio in the Country; Warren and everyone at Sunset Sound.

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